Samsung Mobile’s New Accidental Insurance Policy for 2017

Samsung has a series of products and this every day successful company is launching its handheld devices with the passage of every day. Samsung gives official warranties for each product and here we are going to talk about Samsung smartphones.

Samsung is providing mobile accidental/damage warranty from the last few years but from January 2017, there have been some changes by the new insurance company IGI (Intentional General Insurance) who is providing insurance for Samsung handsets.

Before this policy, every user of Samsung smartphone having accidental insurance card, can avail his/her claim free of cost (Only in case of touch panel damage) after proper submission of documents. Insurance company verifies the case by contacting with customers that how their phone was damaged and then verifies whether this case is legal or not. But if handset is total damaged (Touch panel and PBA both damaged or PBA damaged), then they have to pay depreciation charges according to warranty start up date to get replacement of new handset and old damaged device goes in custody of insurance. But Now there are few changes in Samsung Mobile Accidental Insurance Policy by new insurance company which is providing accidental coverage for Samsung Mobiles. From January 2017 IGI Insurance have started Depreciation charges on every claim according to below mentioned policies:

  • All the approved handset for repair (only touch panel damage) or total loss(handset not able to repair) must pay the depreciation amount according to warranty start date.
  • If handset is damaged during 0-3 months of warranty start date then you have to pay 10% charges of total cost of repaired part.
  • 30% charges for 4-6 months
  • 50% for 7-9 months
  • 70% for 10-12 months
  • Minimum of 10% depreciation will be charged to customer if claim will lodged before warranty start up date.
  • For Total loss cases (Device totally damaged) depreciation charges remain same (10% per month) ( 60% MAX) and customer will receive new device as a replacement.

So from now everyone whoever going to buy smartphone of Samsung, make sure he/she knows about this new Insurance Policy by Samsung. If you are Samsung user, Now there is more need to take care of your smartphone because if once your smartphone got damaged, you have to pay to company even little. If you are buying a new smartphone of Samsung, do not forget to take care of your insurance card.