Insurance Journal Award winning celebration by Mr. Qayyum Pervez Malik at Multan

Mr. Qayyum Pervez Malik Insurance surveyor loss adjuster Multan was awarded Insurance Journal Performance Award in the category of articles written in the Insurance Journal. A large number of Multan based insurance surveyors gathered in the office of M/S Qayyum Pervez Malik and Co (Pvt) Ltd. to congratulate and to acknowledge the achievements of their senior colleague Mr. Qayyum Pervez Malik on winning the Insurance Journal Award 2015. Such event took place for the first time in history of insurance industry of Pakistan. The Multan based surveyors greeted Mr. Qayyum Pervez Malik and appreciated his efforts in bringing honor and enhanced respect for the whole surveyors fraternity in general and for the Multan based surveyors, they mentioned the efforts, and contribution made by Mr. Qayyum over a period of 38 years. He served as President of Multan based Surveyors Association for about 8 years.

He has been nominated unopposed as member of executive committee of coming elections of surveyors and adjusters association of Pakistan. He not only writes articles on different insurance subjects in insurance journal but also participate in International Insurance discussion forums all over the world.

Besides Multan a large number of insurance personnel from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan and from Indian Insurance Industry greeted and congratulated Mr. Qayyum for winning Insurance Journal Performance Award 2015 in the category of articles written in Insurance Journal.

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